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Using Outlook Express to Retrieve your mail  using POP3

Once you have setup your mail account for POP3 access, you can use Outlook Express(OE) to retrieve the messages with a PC. Handy if you are away from your unit. Here are 7 easy Steps to getting your mail messages from your MSNTV account into Outlook Express.

1) Start OE


Me of course

3)Then add the address

email address

4)Add the POP3 Server,

If you are using the pc to respond to the mail as well, you will need an SMTP server. Your PC's ISP usually provides one. If your ISP is MSN click here for setup instructions.

5)add the username and password

password screen

6)And you are ready to go


NOTE: Doing the next step will transfer the messages to your Outlook Express. If you wish to have the messages remain in your mailbox, additional setup is required. Otherwise, to transfer the messages from the mailbox to your outlook express, do the step below.

7)Click send/recv to start the show


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