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NOTICE: As of October 4th, 2002 MSN has discontinued use of the SMTP outgoing mail port. So if they ever reactivate it, then these instructions will work. You can Call MSN and request a "Pop3 Rollback"  of your MSN.COM mail account to regain this functionality.

Outlook Express with MSN and MSNTV

Getting your Outlook Express with Msn and MSNTV pop Mail to send replies to WebTV mail from your computer.

1) click on Tools, then accounts:

2)select the account you need to enhance with MSN, and click Properties:

3)click the servers tab in the properties:

4)Set the incoming mail server to

and the Outgoing mail server to

be sure to check the "My server requires authentication" checkbox

as shown here: 

5)Click the Settings button to bring up this:

and set it as above. Be sure to include the MSN/ before your username, put in your MSN Password, and  check the box next to "Log on using Secure Password Authentication"

6)Click the OKs and DONEs to close the dialogues and  finish.

7)You may receive an MSN Login Box when you send mail, you must login:


8)Due to the rules above, you may get this when attempting to send mail:

If you receive this message, it is for one of 4 reasons:

a) incorrect password

b) failure to establish secure communications

c) the Logon using secure authentication is not checked

d) The account has never been provisioned for pop3