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Six signs he's head over heels
Analise Pendergast,


You used to be able to tell if a guy liked you by looking into his eyes when he offered to buy you a drink or asked for your number.

But in the brave new world of online dating, how do you read the signs? How can you tell he really thinks you're special?

You can bet your e-fling is going someplace if he:


  1. Emails you more than twice a day. Above and beyond the polite "good morning" and pleasant "good evening," extra emails received during the day indicate you are always on his mind.


  2. Really responds to what you write. You're not just a sounding board for his online rambling. If he gets your jokes or relates to your rants, rest assured that you have his attention and he wants to know more… and more.


  3. Asks questions about you. No, not an interrogation, but his interesting indulgent questions show he's intrigued and wants to know what makes you tick.


  4. Surprises you with spontaneous e-goodies. When he sends you an article he knows you'll find interesting or refers you to a Web site that addresses all those existential questions you've been pondering, you can tell he's really reaching out.


  5. Ups the ante. No longer content to hold you at a cyber-distance, he suggests a phone call or even a first date. Congratulations! You're not just an inbox interloper; you've really captured his imagination.


  6. Signs off with suggestive salutations. If his email signoffs have evolved from a polite "Fondly" to a passionate "XOXOXOX," it's a sure signal he's sweet on you.