Using Outlook express with Signatures


It's easy to use outlook express to have HTML mail signatures like you might have on WEBTV.

Here are 3 Easy Steps to a Mail sig:

1) Make an HTML Page to serve as your Signature (in Outlook Express, you can have more than 1)

2) Tell outlook express about your HTML Page

From Outlook Express, click Tools

Then click on Options

This Brings up the Options Panel, Click on Signatures

Click New to start a new signature

Then Click File and browse to the name and location of the HTML file you made

When you are done, Click Apply and ok

3)Now you are ready to start using your signature

To start using your signature,

Click in the message area

Click Format then HTML if it is not already chosen.

Then Choose Insert Signature

Your Signature is now inserted.

finish the mail and Send

its that easy.



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