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From: Michael Donnelly
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 12:37 AM
To: Ryan Rugg; Keith Pope
Cc: WTV/UTV Exec. Escalation Mgt.
Subject: HotMail update update

Hotmail on MSNTV

After the update we got back to what we had before. Additional things were discovered after giving it a fresh look. 

The site was cross checked using 1 msnia primary user on a pc with ie6/xp and MSNTV 2.8.2.


Then (December 9)(and still now except things marked Fixed!)

[Mail Page] Pop3 Retrieval button missing

Opening Page:

[Navigation Tabs] big blue compose button still not working. In the case of the big blue compose button or tab, you have to go into
hotmail navigation and turn that on before you even see it.

Cursor Freeze on New Message and New Contact buttons as well as Mailbox Usage. FIXED!

[Message Page] Move to Folder not working.

Cursor Freeze on the Title page on Displayed Messages. FIXED!

[Compose Page]  the quick name drop down does not fill in the addresses on the TO: CC: or BCC: fields

Still Cannot Sign up for Extra Storage – Browser Check FIXED!

[Forward Page] When I forward a letter I have to type in the name, Unable to choose the address from my "contacts" list. 


[Reply Page] the "reply" does not show the email address or the text from original email

Mail Page:

[Print] can't print because it uses a new window instead of a separate page like before.

Multifunction NEW Button Missing the other functions: NEW folder, New Greeting Card, New Contact, New Group,

[Navigation Tabs] Cannot choose the contacts tab 

Block button is missing

[Address list] cannot add or delete contacts

Junk button is missing

[Forward/Reply/Compose Pages] the message area is squished over to the left side of the site.

Find button is missing

[Message Page] "this is not junk mail" not selectable

Put in Folder button is missing

[Message Page] Move to Folder not selectable

Mark as Unread button is missing



[Navigation] The "Help" tabs are not selectable

Manage Folders Page:

[Options] Cannot set up Custom Filters

Multifunction NEW Button Missing the other functions: New Message, New Greeting Card, New Contact, New Group,

[Mail Page/Folder List] the “select all” check box has no effect.

Empty Button in Folder List next to trash and junk mail gives incorrect messaging. It gives a number in the confirmation “105995662” instead of “Are you sure you want to permanently delete these messages?”  Update- Empty buttons are no longer selectable/do not empty

[Reply Page] the reply screen does not show the email address or the text from original email



Trash Can


Multifunction NEW Button Missing


EMPTY Button missing


Find button Missing


Put in Folder button Missing




New Message Page


Save Draft button missing


Multi Function Attach button missing


Importance levels buttons missing


Multifunction tools button missing


Cancel Button missing


Favorite Contacts display unreadable